Two Women Entrepreneurs Build Successful Pet Companies in the Northwest

Tamra Johnson and Sharon Da Dalto have a few things in common. They both love dogs and started businesses to improve the lives of their pets. […]

Pet-proofing a home can avoid accidental poisonings

Cats love to chew on houseplants, and some dogs will eat anything from spoiled food to medications, so it’s vital to make sure their environments are […]

Great article on home cooked dog food in NY Times

Home cooking or raw diets may be best for your pet but just make sure it’s balanced.

Pet Food Recalls from Aflatoxin

Another reason not to purchase pet food containing wheat, corn or soy. I wonder who else purchased the contaminated corn:

Gluten and your Dog

The following article is based on information written by respected veterinarian, John B. Symes, aka Dogtor J who researched gluten and its affect on dog health. […]

Training with Dog Treats

Dog treats are a great incentive to help with training commands. But before you go out and purchase the cheapest treat on the shelf, remember a few things. Select a treat that is easy to eat and small in size or that you can break into smaller pieces. During training your dog will receive a lot of treats so you want something that will not distract them very long and will not make them full or overweight.

The Truth About Dog Food Ingredients

It can be difficult to select the right food and dog treats for your dog. Many leading brands of dog food and dog treats claim to […]

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