Mukilteo, WA – Himalayan Corporation, makers of Himalayan Dog Chew, completed an agreement with Distinctive Dog to manufacture and represent their grain free dog treats. Distinctive Dog is transferring production of the treat line, and will work actively with suppliers, distributors and customers to continue providing high quality treats to dog owners.

With the new relationship, production will move from Seattle, WA to Mukilteo, WA, 20 miles north of Seattle. Distinctive Dog treats include eight varieties of gluten and grain free dog treats made with virgin coconut oil.

“Distinctive Dog developed a leading healthy dog treat brand that mirrors our mission of innovation, quality and health,” said Suman Shrestha, CEO of Himalayan Corporation. “As we continue to grow, we are excited to offer Distinctive Dog treats to our customers across the world.”

Founded by Tamra Johnson in 2010, Distinctive Dog began with a simple idea – to create natural dog treats that are healthy and taste great. She continues to source ingredients from quality suppliers in the United States with none of the common pet food fillers including wheat, corn, soy or other additives. Starting in her kitchen, Johnson created the gluten free recipes incorporating organic coconut flour and virgin coconut oil for added health benefits.

“Coconut oil offers a powerhouse of health benefits for dogs,” said Johnson, CEO of Distinctive Dog Corporation. “I was using coconut oil in my own cooking and when I discovered the health benefits for dogs, I had to incorporate it into the treats. I began by using ingredients in my kitchen, and I continue that level of quality today.”

“Working with Suman and Nishes Shrestha at Himalayan has been a blessing,” said Johnson. “We discovered early that our love for dogs formed the basis for our businesses and developing healthy products was core to our beliefs.”

While Distinctive Dog treats are not intended as a supplement, the coconut oil can help improve digestion, immune system health, skin and coat, energy and more. In addition, removing gluten grains and common allergens make these treats great for dogs with sensitive tummies.

Distinctive Dog treats include Duck Berry Quacker, Peanut Butter Macaroon, Pumpkin Cranberry Crisp, Apple Ginger Snap, Chicken Pot Pie, Sweet Potato Carrot Cake, Peanut Banana Bread and Pawberry Cobbler. More flavors may become available in the future. All varieties are available through both Distinctive Dog and Himalayan Corporation.

Himalayan Corporation was co-founded by Nishes Shrestha and Suman Shrestha in 2007 after feeding Himalayan hard cheese to their dogs. Himalayan Dog Chew is now manufactured in Mukilteo, WA and sold through over 5,000 retailers worldwide. After the success of Himalayan Dog Chew, the company expanded its lines to include YakySNACKS, Ruff Roots, Chew and Chew, and leanlix.

For more information, visit Distinctive Dog at and Himalayan Corporation at

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