Today, Saturday February 20 is National Love your Pet Day. In honor of our lovable pets, here are 10 ways you can spoil your pet:

  1. Pet massage: Take your dog to a pet salon for a massage or learn to do one yourself.
  2. Glamorous collar: Pet jewelry of all kinds are now available. If you have $150,000 to spare why not a diamond collar?
  3. Doggie dinner: Prepare a gourmet dog friendly dinner.
  4. Doggie date: Find a play date for your dog. Who knows, you may find a new friend as well.
  5. Spa package: Indulge your dog with a bath, style and foot rub.
  6. New bed: The only question is queen size or king size.
  7.  A long walk: Go for a long walk. It’s good exercise for you both.
  8. Doggie daycare: Bring your dog to a doggie daycare for some playtime fun.
  9. Go for a swim: Take your dog for a walk by the water or find a pool that hosts a dog swim like this one in Colorado.
  10. Dog treats: Lots of Distinctive Dog treats!

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