Gluten and grain free dog treats

Distinctive Dog bakes healthy dog treats unsurpassed in distinction, health, and fun. Our coconut oil dog treats are baked from wholesome ingredients dogs love. Our dog biscuit line includes eight delicious flavors – Peanut Banana Bread, Chicken Pot Pie, Sweet Potato Carrot Cake, Pawberry Cobbler, Duck Berry Quackers, Pumpkin Cranberry Crisp, Apple Ginger Snap and Peanut Butter Macaroon. Distinctive Dog treats are sourced in the United States and made from human-grade ingredients that dogs can easily digest. We’ve carefully selected these ingredients to create healthy, yummy treats for your dog.

Coconut dog treats made with love

Many other dog treat brands use cheaper ingredients in our gluten and grain free dog treats including wheat, corn, soy, meat byproducts and meal that can adversely affect your dog’s health. We care about the health of all dogs. That’s why we use only high quality ingredients including virgin coconut oil, blueberries, natural peanut butter, bananas, sweet potato, pumpkin and coconut flour. All of our healthy dog treats are also gluten-free and grain free dog treats so your dog can easily digest and absorb important nutrients they need.

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) found in coconut oil provide a wide variety of benefits including energy, weight loss, thyroid health, skin and coat, digestion, bone health, metabolic function and immune system support."

Why Gluten Free?

Distinctive Dog bakes and promotes healthy dog treats free from gluten (wheat, rye, barley), soy and corn products. These ingredients are often used in dog treats and food as filler. A dog's digestive system was not designed to process these ingredients and many dogs are allergic to them. We produce gluten and grain free dog treats.

Gluten turns sticky in the presence of moisture and may inhibit nutrient absorption. This can cause bloating, itchy and flaky skin and lack of energy. Distinctive Dog gluten free dog treats are made with healthy ingredients including coconut, flax seed and brown rice. Our top priority is ensuring your dog receives the very best.

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