Tamra Johnson and Sharon Da Dalto have a few things in common. They both love dogs and started businesses to improve the lives of their pets. Now, the two entrepreneurs work together to bring dog parents healthy dog products made in the Northwest. They have different products, but took similar paths to success.

Da Dalto developed the idea for her product, leanlix® one cold, snowy day in Seattle. She was in her front yard working to train her rambunctious yellow lab, Grace. As she removed her gloves and fumbled for a treat reward, Grace lunged forward and nipped her. As Da Dalto looked down at her hand, an idea was born.

Da Dalto went to work to develop a dog training treat that is healthy, low calorie and easy to provide untrained dogs. She wanted to create a training reward that did not require individual treats or pieces of treats. So she developed the first lickable treat.

leanlix® is a fun, healthy reward treat that can be licked instead of eaten. leanlix® is only one calorie per 40 licks instead of the typical 30 calories per treat. They are available in eight great flavors and also include an easy dispenser and lanyard for quick access, and reward.

“It’s all about keeping a healthy lifestyle,” said Da Dalto. “For my family and our two labs, Grace and Penny, leanlix® provides a low calorie alternative to other training treats with the convenience of a reusable dispenser.”

Similar to leanlix®, Distinctive Dog™ was born out of Tamra Johnson’s love for her dog, Roxie. Roxie was a highly food motivated dog and Johnson just couldn’t find treats that reflect the healthy eating habits of her family.

Instead of store-bought treats, Johnson began baking homemade, gluten and grain free treats in her kitchen. She also boosted the health value of her treats with virgin coconut oil.

“I wanted to make healthy dog treats that are as good for my dog as the food I feed my family,” said Johnson. “I educated myself about dog nutrition and sourced ingredients from suppliers I knew. After perfecting the recipes, I began selling the treats to retailers in Washington and Oregon. It just took off from there.”

Distinctive Dog™ treats are healthy, but they also smell and taste great.

“I often find myself eating them when I’m looking for a quick snack,” said Johnson. “With flavors including Peanut Banana Bread and Pumpkin Cranberry Crisp, it’s like eating a healthy cookie.”

After Da Dalto and Johnson each reached a point of success where manufacturing took most of their time, they looked for a partner. They found that partner in Himalayan Corporation in Mukilteo, WA. Makers of Himalayan Dog Chews, Himalayan Corporation had the employees and processes to manufacture the leanlix® and Distinctive Dog™ treat lines. And now both lines are available through retailers throughout the United States.

“The relationship with Himalayan has been great. Our companies share similar values and a focus on dog health,” said Da Dalto. “Trusting Himalayan to maintain our product quality allows us to focus on bringing our products to new customers.”

Johnson and Da Dalto are working together to build their brands and share their dog treats directly with consumers. The women are displaying their products at the upcoming Portland Women’s Expo at the Oregon Convention Center on April 2, 2016 and Northwest Women’s Show at the CenturyLink Field Event Center on April 15-17.

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